Programming Note

Quick update on where No Best Practices is going

I’ve decided to “make it official” and build out a website for No Best Practices.

What will change:

  • I’ll be publishing to the website more frequently, including some shorter pieces.

  • I’ll still send out a 2x/month newsletter, but it will feature one piece of writing from the site + some relevant links. Think of it as more of a digest than a full blog-in-newsletter.

  • Over the course of the next 3-4 weeks I’ll be migrating this email list from Substack to Klaviyo. So your email may look different next week. It’s still from me!

Migrating email providers always puts you at risk of getting your list flagged as spam. This list is relatively small, so that shouldn’t happen.

But to improve my odds, future emails will include a question prompt at the top. If you reply to the email with your answer, it will help keep me out of spam. So much appreciation if you do so :)

You can take a sneak peek at the new No Best Practices site here.

Trying to bias myself towards action vs getting super wrapped up in design. So consider the layout a work in progress.

Eventually, the best of the newsletter archives will be migrated on to the site and this part of my web presence will go away.

Why I’m Doing This:

  • I want to make this content more discoverable (SEO, baby!)

  • Sometimes I feel like writing more often than 2x/week, and this will let me do that.

  • The newsletter format kind of forces me into writing longer form pieces because I only publish twice a month. I want to explore shorter “explainer” content too.

As always, thank you for reading!